It is a proven fact that our professional fundraising auctioneers can easily attain 15%-50% higher for your items.

Our auctioneers know how to interact with the audience and drive the prices of your items to their full potential.

Bidding on items at a fundraiser or giving in the fund a need should be driven by an emotional connection to your cause.

Elite’s auctioneers will become an ambassador for your cause so that your important message is shared with your audience of donors.

Having a volunteer call your auction is like having an accountant work on your car.

Our auctioneers have a passion for their profession and understand that their performance reflects the quality of their public perception.

Our professional fundraising auctioneers make giving money fun, emotional and competitive!

Elite’s auctioneers understand that the main goal of your event is to raise money, whether it be for a charity, business, or organization.

According to a National Auctioneers Association survey, FUN is the number one reason why people attend auctions.

Our auctioneers understand that keeping your audience entertained and having fun is the key element to a successful auction event.

Our experienced auctioneers are always training and educating themselves about the latest trends in the business so that your event can reach its full potential.

Elite’s auctioneers have all of the necessary tools to make your event unforgettable.

Hiring a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer & Consultant

What you think you’re paying for: Someone who can call an auction

What you’re actually paying for: Someone who can get on stage and maximize your items’ values while promoting your cause


Provide consulting throughout the year for your event

Design and conduct a winning fund a need

Answer any questions surrounding your fundraising efforts

Provide professionally trained bid assistants

Organize a timeline to maximize your event revenue

Put your auction items in their most effective order

Training on donor development

Training on procurement

How to set up your venue to maximize returns

Auction event marketing techniques

Access to several revenue enhancers to increase your event’s bottom line

How to run the most successful silent auction

Which items you should be obtaining for your audience

How to effectively check-in and checkout attendees

Committee consultations

Volunteer training

Access to exclusive auction items

Licensed and bonded auctioneers

Event follow-up meeting