If you are not using a fund-a-need you are missing the boat and leaving thousands of dollars on the table!

The fund-a-need, paddle raiser, cash ask, etc. is the single most important part of your event!

When it comes to raising an incredible amount of money for the cause.  The fund-a-need has to be positioned properly during the event.  Depending on your style of event the fund-a-need can be placed prior to the live auction, in the middle of the live auction or after the live auction.  We will be able to place your fund-a-need in the most profitable place at your event after asking just a few questions.

This advice alone will make you thousands of extra dollars

that you otherwise wouldn’t capture! The video to the left shows the power of a fund-a-need coupled with “Auction Hero” to bring in even more revenue above the top asking level.

How you set up your fund-a-need is also extremely critical to the success of the evening

Do not simply put all the emphasis on your live auction and forget about how important funding that specific need can be.  Call us today at 661-750-2790 to find out how you can double or triple your event’s bottom line by perfecting your fund-a-need.