Fundraising Charity Event Checklist

check list auctionHere is a handy checklist from start to finish that you can use.  Not all topics on the checklist are covered in the post, but many are self explanatory.

9 – 12 Months prior to Event

  • Choose an Event Chair or President
  • Select your Committee Coordinators
  • Figure out a budget
  • Choose a venue
  • Choose a theme for the event
  • Figure out who your target guests will be

6-8 Months prior to Event

  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Figure out the event timeline
  • Choose an auctioneer
  • Choose the Audio/Visual company
  • Choose your entertainment
  • Begin procurement and table sales (ongoing until event)
  • Create a sponsor kit with different levels

3-5 Months prior to Event

  • Viewing of the venue with committee members
  • Advertising and PR for the event
  • Develop your fund-a-need cause
  • Send out invitations/save the dates
  • Figure out how you will collect the money at the event

1-2 Months prior to Event

  • Begin setting up your staff
  • Secure volunteers
  • Finalize the event’s timeline
  • Get the live auction list to the auctioneer to put in appropriate order
  • Finalize the Program and send to printer
  • Finalize any videos or auction Power Points

0-1 Month prior to Event

  • Let your auctioneer know if there have been any changes
  • Start packing supplies, displays, and anything you need to bring to the venue
  • Send out a Facebook announcement, website blog, or email blasts to remind guests
  • Let the venue know how many guests will be attending
  • Finalize the guest list
  • Finalize all forms that will be needed at the event
  • Meet with your committee and volunteers the day prior to the event

Post Event

  • Finalize your accounting
  • Send out thank you announcements to guests
  • Have a post event meeting with committee and auctioneer
  • Go over pluses and minuses
  • Set the date for the next event
  • Book the auctioneer for the next event if you were happy with him
  • Send out a press release of the organization’s success
  • Take a short vacation!