Hiring a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer & Consultant?

What you think you’re paying for:
  • Someone who can call an auction
What you’re actually paying for:
  • Someone who can get on stage and maximize your items’ values while promoting your cause
  • Provide consulting throughout the year for your event
  • Design and conduct a winning fund a need
  • Answer any questions surrounding your fundraising efforts
  • Provide professionally trained bid assistants
  • Organize a timeline to maximize your event revenue
  • Put your auction items in their most effective order
  • Training on donor development
  • Training on procurement
  • How to set up your venue to maximize returns
  • Auction event marketing techniques
  • Access to several revenue enhancers to increase your event’s bottom line
  • How to run the most successful silent auction
  • Which items you should be obtaining for your audience
  • How to effectively check-in and checkout attendees
  • Committee consultations
  • Volunteer training
  • Access to exclusive auction items
  • Licensed and bonded auctioneers
  • Event follow-up meeting

Still think that hiring a professional auctioneer is expensive?

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR – So if you hire a cheap auctioneer or go with a volunteer, don’t be surprised when your results aren’t what you wanted!

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Written by Mike Grigg, AARE, BAS of Elite Auctions & Fundraising Services

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