Should I use Mobile Bidding for the Fund a Need?

As mobile bidding becomes more an more popular at fundraising auction events we tend to get this question quite frequently: “Should we use mobile bidding for the fund a need?”  The simple answer is NO!

While mobile bidding is a spectacular way to maximize funds in your silent auction, it just does not perform well with a fund a need (aka: paddle raiser, fund a cause, etc.).  I want to reiterate that I am specifically writing about the fund a need aspect in regards to mobile bidding.

Here are the top three reasons why mobile bidding is not effective for your fund a need:

1.  People give to people and by having everyone looking at their phone screens the personal feeling is taken
out of the giving process and it becomes much less emotional.

2.  A fund a need is driven by a “community” effort to come together and fund a specific need of the organization.  The sense of community is taken out of the equation by everyone focused more on finding the correct button to push rather that engaging and cheering on each other to accomplish that goal.

3.  Accountability.  Mobile bidding is much more discreet and it allows people that would otherwise give a larger amount to “cheat” a bit and give less.  People are simply not as inclined to give big in such an impersonal way with no recognition.

Mobile bidding is a fantastic tool for the silent auction but please let your audience hold their bid paddles up high and show you what they can do when the spirit of giving is out in the open and they are united in funding that specific need.

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Written by Mike Grigg, AARE, BAS of Elite Auctions and Fundraising Services