Welcome Tracy Karbus… New Elite Auctions Fundraising Consultant

tracy bioWe would like to welcome Tracy Karbus our newest Fundraising Consultant to the Elite Auctions and Fundraising Service’s family…

In proving her reputation for creating possibilities, Tracy Karbus utilizes her 18+ years of corporate and non-profit experience working with businesses and individuals, helping them maximize with businesses and individuals, helping them maximize resources and leverage their time and philanthropic efforts.  In particular, she can relate to the challenges and opportunities of many non-profits as she spent the last 14 years in various roles within the non-profit sector.  From Regional Director, Board Member, volunteer, and event coordinator, she has a grasp around the various roles that make up a successful development team and the challenges associated with ‘the ask.’  She also understands the importance of creating community as a key component of any sustainable giving program and has been known to receive unprecedented funding commitments in communities known to be stringent with funding awards.

A big picture thinker with an eye on details, she maintains a relentless commitment to research and preparation as a fundraising consultant with Elite Auctions.  She enjoys partnering with development teams in crafting customized fundraising auction strategies to support the individual needs of each organization.

Certificate – Micro enterprise Skill-Building AEO Training Institute

Certificate – Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership and Management